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Presentation/Guest speaker information

Mike’s presentation takes the audience through the production of his work (from doodles to publication), he provides drawing advice, tips on story development and hands on artistic demonstrations.

Through humor, Mike offers an inspirational glimpse into the creation of a graphic novel and the ongoing journey of education, trial and error, and experience in the world of illustration. Mike does an interactive multimedia presentation which details a step by step description of the process creating Dalen and Gole and the Tank and Fizz series including; story, character design, thumbnail sketches, pencils, inks, color and finally publication. Several live drawing demonstrations with audience participation highlight the power of visual story telling and an open imagination.

His interactive presentation encourages literature through the Graphic Novel medium to even the most reluctant readers. The one hour (flexible) presentation includes time for questions and answers.

MikeDeasPresentation01B2• Inspirational glimpse into the world of graphic novels
• Illustrator’s history including education and work experience
• Interactive multimedia presentation
• Step by step description of the graphic novel creation process
• Live drawing demonstration with audience participation
• Tips on illustrating & getting published

To book a school visit contact Mike at:

mikedeas@gmail.com or 250-419-1995



“The sessions were highly successful and received very favorable comments from staff and students. Mike is a very personable young man, in addition to being an exceptionally talented artist. He captivated his young audiences with his words and examples of his work… I would recommend Mike as a guest illustrator/author to other teacher-librarians or schools planning similar literary events.”
Vivian Hicks, Teacher-Librarian, Bayside Middle School

“Mike’s multimedia presentation included graphics, large poster boards illustrating the basic beginning steps of his drawings and a video presentation. Students reacted very positively to Mike’s presentation. I have had a difficult time keeping his books in the library long enough to get them cataloged for use. He has left a lasting impression on our students.”
Jodi Butler, Teacher/Librarian, Cobble Hill Elementary

“An engaging, and motivating experience for my students!”
Sarah Paulson, Sir James Douglas Elementary, Victoria BC

“Deas’ illustrations are full of life.”
Quill & Quire